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The Jordan 60 Plus is one of my personal favorites of the new wave of Jordan sneakers. It has been awesome to see all the retros make a comeback in the last few years. I was personally getting sick and tired of all those space shoes that they were trying to pass of as sneakers. […]


Retro: One Of The Reasons I’m Thankful

Here in America, it’s Thanksgiving. A tradition at my house was to always remember why you were thankful. And what made you thankful. Granted, in the overall scheme of things, sneakers fall on my list lower than my family, health and life, but they are a reason to give thanks. So lets get into it. […]

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Iron Maiden Vans Piece of Mind Slip On’s

67cc is selling a really cool pair of vans dedicated to one of the greatest heavy metal bands of all time. Yes I’m talking about Iron Maiden. If you haven’t seen them live you are really missing out. I’ve never seen so many set changes at a concert coupled with special fx and pyrotechnics. These […]

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I’ve never seen this pair of dunks before but I want them. I wish they had them in my size (13). I just bought a pair of dunks fromthecoolshoeshine and let me say they have a lot of awesome shoes at pretty low prices. Its nice to see a store that does not have inflated […]

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Reebok – Twilight Zone Pump ‘Dee Brown’

Do you remember when Dee Brown won the 1991 Slam Dunk competition against Shawn Kemp? Well I do, he did that nasty “no look” dunk that drove home his victory. I believe he was wearing these particular Reebok kicks. After that the price went up, I remember really wanting a pair but not getting them. […]

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Baby girl Black Cement / True Blue 2001 III’s

These are for your girl, no countdown package retros with the stupid jumpman logo and the stiff fit. 2001 or bust, you know this. The midsole won’t crumble, and they fucking last forever. I own like 3 pairs of these because we all know they’re the best looking jordan ever. N E ways, girls love […]

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I get it, you don’t want to waste time thrashing up a new pair of old skools, so you get a dumped pair to complete “the look”, I get it man, I get it. Why spend a measly 40 bucks on a brand new pair that you can age yourself when someone ALREADY did it […]

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Mentioned in the NECKFACE post last month, the KAWS SIMPSONS vans are now up as a regular auction. KAWS has been doing the Simpsons inspired artwork for sometime now, so it’s pretty neat to see them on a pair of shoes, I don’t think it was on any other article of clothing ever, so the […]



Roll bounce anyone. I never knew that Nike made roller skate sneakers back in the 70’s.weezypoof has the proof though. A pair of Nike Blazers from the 70’s equipped with authentic Nike roller skates. I would never rock roller skates, but this is a definite collectors piece for the true NIKE collector. Blazers are one […]


Rare RUN DMC,JAM MASTER Jay Signed,Sneakers and Album

coney34 is selling this awesome pair of Adidas shell toes autographed by Jam Master Jay(RIP) back in 2001. This is an awesome collectors piece for the the true hip-hop fan. Jam Master Jay is on a very short list of truly great DJ’s. I’m always amazed when someone takes the life of a truly great […]

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