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I thought I would try something different in the sneaker department. I was searching around for Nike fixtures and came across these cool items. First is an Air Jordan display rack for the infamous Air Jordan 9. Now you don’t have to display that specific shoe, any Air Jordan shoe will suffice. I think it […]

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AFI Vans Old Skools

Haven’t seen these in a long while. These came out in 2004? I think I remember seeing these at hot topic around then, might be wrong… Either way, I’d wear the shit out of these, Old skools are the best vans shoe ever made. Whats the resale value of this, cant be over 150 can […]



Final score 110 to 105 Celtics win in over time. I was pissed how can the Bulls be down by 16 and come back only to lose by 5 in OT. Now thats 2 games in a row they have lost. I can’t believe they let the Knicks beat them. There I was at the […]


New Era Cap limited

ds156 wants you to know that its better to drop sneakers than bombs. I imagine that a couple Air Force I boxes hitting you in the head can’t be pleasant. But at least its better than a bomb.

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Nike ID AirMax 90

This probably my favorite model of the Air Max brand. I remember wanting a pair in 6th grade and parents wouldn’t get them because they were too expensive. Can’t say I’m feeling the pink swoosh but hey the price is right for now. acex933 has started a bid for these and there is only one […]

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