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Homer,Marge,Quagmire, GI Joe and Transformers Nikes

This is probably one of my favorite combos that Nike could produce. Cartoons+toys(Nikes)= Happy. That there my friends is the formula for happiness. authentic_sneaker_powerseller is selling a shit ton of other sneakers and has some awesome pictures that you should definitely check out. ” The Dunk SBs on the top shelf in this listing were […]

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AF1 Work Boot size 10

I love the air force 1 work boot in so many ways. Because it’s one of the best made “work boot” sneakers. Made so well, features everything you would want in a boot but on an Air Force 1 high. I slept on these hard for some reason, but I’m always lookin around for it […]

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Nike’s Love Affair With Valentine’s Day

I first remember seeing the Nike Valentine’s Day Pack back in 2006. I’m not sure if this is the first year Nike got into the vday holiday market, but it’s the first time it caught my eyes. The Air Force Ones were the sneakers that immediately caught my attention. Those mids stood out with their […]

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Nike Air Presto Clip

Nobody’s perfect. I know I’m not but I try really hard to make the right decisions in life. I am sure the good folks at Nike have a lot of big decisions to make and deadlines to meet. But there is no excuse for these ugly space shoes trying to pass themselves as sneakers. I […]


AJ III White Cement 2011

I hate retros sometimes, but other times I don’t really give a shit. These new white cements that just came out don’t look as bad as I thought they would, compared to the plastic looking garbage they made for the black cements in 2009 or whatever year. They even have a new box and a […]

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Just the way I like them, used and guilt free of wearing. Both pairs are up in this thing with 2 hours left. If this were a 8.5 or 9, I’d be all over this. Both with the NIKE AIR on the back like its supposed to be. and probably the last best made retros […]

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Let this be the last and most extreme Simpsons Vans post I ever do, this guy put up 11 of the 14 whole Simpsons Vans series. Including a HOMER peralta ripper deck. Everything in here is brand new with tags. It’s at a wopping 3 G’s and some change which I’m sure if sold separately […]

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Be True To Your School

The Nike Dunk hit the courts back in 1985. They were originally for a very select set of college ball players. Each team got sneakers in their respected colorway: Michigan, UNLV, Villanova, Kentucky, St Johns, Arizona, Iowa and in part, Georgetown. The colors were stark and stood out. They were not plain white. No way. […]

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Back in 2009 Nike teamed up with Sub-Pop Records to create a limited shoe. The shoe that was chosen to represent this collaboration was the Nike Blazer. The blazer has a very retro feel and was one of the first basketball sneakers available. Sub-Pop Records came along at a time when music needed something new […]


Nike Blazers (Chicago Edition)

There’s no doubt about it I’m a big Chicago Bulls fan and so far this season we are looking good for the playoffs and Derrick Rose is going to the All-Star Game. We are definitely on our way to rebuilding a great franchise. With that said tamara561 is selling a super limited pair of Nike […]

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