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A Savier Trainer Collection Sale

Holy crap, it looks like hows_your_edge is selling the mother load of Savier trainers / Tim O’Connors. These all range from the Fall 2003 or Spring 2004 seasons. I’m fairly certain those were the ONLY seasons, unless there was a winter 2003/2004 season. I love this shoe, but sadly, most of these are sz 11.5. […]

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Quick One Before Work.

Remember when Saucony were all the rage with the coremen and ladies? Maybe it was just an East Coast thing cuz I don’t think they really caught on the left coast or up here in Canada. What I like about Saucony is the simplicity of the design, very clean and subtle. In this case however […]

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Sunday Morning.

So, who doesn’t love Sunday mornings? I have a co-worker that swears by ’em. All day she drinks beer and watches football. Me, I prefer to split trees and watch real football (West Ham United FC), but I digress. Mr. coolbong has a sweet pair of Vans x Supreme Half Cabs for cheap, and considering […]

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Bad Timing.

Don’t ya just hate when you arrive at the spot and one of your friends shows up wearing the same shoes as you? That happened to me, with my kids mom. On the exact same day we both bought the same pair of Nike Air Max at different points in the day with out telling […]

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Moby Dick

Without a doubt these are my elusive great whale. From the first time I saw them, I knew I needed to cop a pair, but because none of my skate/sneaker shops got them, I completely missed out. For years I’ve tried to score a pair, but every time I come close, something goes wrong. Wrong […]

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The good, the bad, and these…

Seller davysneakerzdavy has the most “interesting” of the Animal Supreme pack for sell. I’m not gonna lie and say I like them but I do commend Nike for stepping outside the box. What kills it for me is the use of stripes and spots, just doesn’t have the flow going for it. But who am […]

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Fuck You Doug.

Now Doug (of Vinyl Noize fame), there is no way you can even justify owning 3 pairs of iron maiden Vans to me. For those that don’t know I loathe, no, despise, no, HATE anything to do with Maiden. Seriously dude, I’m kinda pissed that you told me that these actually exist. FUCK IRON MAIDEN […]

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For all the high rollers, it’s about that time…

So earlier today I was in a friend’s car listening to SiriusXM radio and Schooly D’s Gucci time came on. What a killer track! So in honor of that song and all things Philly I present these kicks. Would I wear these? Maybe if I had the bankroll I would. But if Gucci is your […]

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Good times.

Back to the sneakers! I love these and and actually own them. Here’s the back story on how I got them: my girlfriend at the time left me money hidden all over the house for pizza, smokes, weed, etc while she was away. Pretty nice lady, and being the resourceful/broke dude I was, I searched […]

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