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Airwalk 540 prototype Furnace shoes 1989

Yet another vintage pair of Airwalks from rubysoho08. These are the 540 protoypes, notice that Airwalk was doing something different by making high top skate shoes. Unlike Converse, Vision and Vans that were canvas,Airwalk aimed for leather and rubber upper material much like the Nikes of the 80’s.

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Vintage Airwalk Invert skateboard shoes 1989

rubysoho08 is selling of his collection of classic skate shoes. Now is your chance to own some these. The condition of the shoes vary but they are all in decent condition. You have to love the ollie guard for shoe lace protection.

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I’ve never seen a pair of Nike Diablos, but they are a cool vintage runner. daraiderfan is selling a pair that has only been worn once. These shoes are awesome for 29 years old. I know there are a few emo guys out there that would rock these. I mean come one you need a cool pair of shoes to wear with your womens jeans. I know you like the tight look.

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Vintage Vision Street Wear Skate Shoes

nowandthen1 is selling a pair of Vintage Vision Street Wear shoes. This model is the 14000, high top skate shoes. This is what dudes were wearing in the 80’s and early 90’s. It’s a fair stretch from Nike SB’s.

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I’ll tell you what Bo Know’s. Bo Know’s wack ass colors, that’s what. mycloth77 is selling a vintage Nike long sleeve shirt. This shirt features Bo’s return to sports. Just kidding about the wack ass comment. This shirt is definitely cool.

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VTG 80s Nike Swoosh Logo Gray Tag Thin Sweatshirt Sz L

You said you a yangster023 but you neva pop nothin’ You said you a yangster023 and you need to stop frontin’ You go to the sneaker store but you neva cop nothin’ You been collectin’ along time and you ain’t got nothin’ ah hah, damn homie.

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Nike Air Vengeance Plus Purple

Originally released back in the 80’s these Nike’s made return in 2010. The Nike Air Vengeance is an awesome light weight shoe perfect for running and walking. They definitely are still ill enough to fit in contemporary fashion. solefreshsoleclean is selling these in an awesome color. I love the speckling on the mid-sole. The accents are also nice and bright, very 80’s.

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Nike’s are ones that make feel good they are the ones that make it alright. brownyoungtrader is a Motley Crue fan just like you. And he is selling the limited release Dr. Feel Good Nike Dunks. The front of the shoe has a snake skin look to it to mimic the album cover. Make’s me want kick start my heart oh yeah!!

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vtg NIKE Blue Tag 1986 Fontaine Watcher t-shirt

vintagepimps was apre-watcher back in 1986 and that is why he can bring you such gems as this rare Nike Pre Fontaine shirt. This shirt is pretty pricey but it is a real classic and hard to find in such good shape.

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