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Nike Air Jordan IV Thunder

dcheek20 is selling a sick pair of Air Jordan IV Thunders. These joints dropped on Dec 22 2012, and sold out quick. I love that Nike dropped this ill pair of shoes at the end of the year during the busy holiday season.

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Nike Air Jordan 4 Cement Retro

pezboy217 is selling dope pair of Air Jordan 4 Retro Cement. This was released last month and is done. So if you missed out pick these up.

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I (jordam81) am selling a pair of my Air Jordan 4’s to buy the Black cement 3’s! You are probably wondering why I’m doing something like that, well it is simply because these are slightly to big on me and the Jordan 3 black cements are one of my favorite pairs of Jordans! These shoes are really in good condition and I’m really trying to hook up the price! Help your boy out and leave me with some extra dough after I buy the 3’s on Black Friday! The auction will be ending tomorrow evening, so go HARD AS A MOTHERFUCKER and bid these puppies up!

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Who is as excited as me for this shoe to retro again this coming February? Well seller onestopjersey has a brand new pair of the previous retro 4 cements with the retro card and all! So if you don’t want to go through waiting at the footlocker door step 2 hours before they release then you should probably just throw down for these, because it looks to me that these are going to be right around retail price or a little more!

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Jordan Retro 4’s

I’m going to end this Sunday right with my all time favorite pair of Jordan’s. So seller atljerseys is straight killin’ it on eBay right now! He has 3 pairs that have never been worn before and they all look great, and as of right now all 3 of his auctions are at really good prices and I can’t wait to see how much this dude makes off of all 3 pairs!

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