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Air Jordan III 3 Black Cement 2011 Pass DS SIZE 10.5 OG EVERYTHING CEMENT BOX

Seller robb1293 has a pair of kicks that I’ve been keeping my eyes on. I missed out on the III release of this pair last black friday and I don’t really wanna spend extra cash on a pair of DS so I might go the slightly used route. Check the auction, I might be bidding on this pair this time tomorrow night.

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Jordan 3 Retro black/cement sz 8

I’m really kicking myself that I didn’t pick up the Jordan 3’s back in November. Luckily if you feel the same way and have a size 8 foot, check out what mecamel has to offer. Deadstock pair of 3’s with a great picture selection to know that they aren’t some fakes.

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Air Jordan III “Black Cement” Sz. 12

If you weren’t able to get a pair of the Cement 3’s that came out on Black Friday than here’s your chance of you getting a pair for a decent price! I’m not to bummed about not getting a pair because from what I can see, they don’t look to be made all that well and I don’t like how the black on the sole is shiny and not a matte black like the countdown pack was. Another reason why I didn’t get the 3’s is because the concord 11’s, cement 4’s and the playoff 10’s come out within the next 2-3 months and I would much rather get them than another pair of 3’s. These Jordans that csakahonved have for sale are brand new, and never worn before. I’m assuming he got 2 pairs, one to were and one to sell, that is what I was going to do with a pair but wasn’t able to! There is right around 2 days left on the item and there is already 19 bids. This is going to be a hot auction so keep your eyes glued to these!

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Air Jordan 3 III Black Flip

All I know is ckthamby got the goods. I didn’t get in line on Black Friday to pick up these. I was too busy waiting line for records. The Air Jordan 3 is one of my favorite models of Jordans. I love the black on black elephant print. The grey sole is nice touch too.

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This week is the week for Jordan III’s

This week is the start of the retail release of the Jordan III’s black cement colorway. Seller scentedmonkey has got a pair up right now of the ones that’ll be releasing this week.  They are going to be retailing at 160, so either watch this pair of kicks (the reserve had not been met yet at 155) or head to your local footlocker this week so you can pick up these iconic pair of sneakers.

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Jordan III Black Cement sz 11

This auction is ending in the next 3 hours so make sure you click on the auction right away. Seller bigwerm88 has a pair of the Nike Air Jordan III’s in the black cement colorway up for grabs.  For Jordan III’s people either put these or the True Blue’s as their fav.  Black Cements are re-retroing next month in November, so be on the lookout for those.  These have the Nike Air logo on the back of them though, the ones dropping next month will have the Jumpman and Air on the heel.  Hurry up and Check the auction out.

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Baby girl Black Cement / True Blue 2001 III’s

These are for your girl, no countdown package retros with the stupid jumpman logo and the stiff fit. 2001 or bust, you know this. The midsole won’t crumble, and they fucking last forever. I own like 3 pairs of these because we all know they’re the best looking jordan ever. N E ways, girls love these shoes too. They should stay around the $59.99 starting price, maybe up to 20 more dollars. legendofasaint37 also has 2 pairs of 2001 True Blue III’s at $19.99 with no laces or box. Perfect.

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