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Throwdown Straight Edge XXX Camo Mid Top Sneakers

metallispy is selling a pair of Throwdown sneakers. I’m not sure who makes these, but they are obviously modeled after Chuck Taylors. I was going to post this on TTD but decided to go with this.

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Super Mario Bros X Converse All Star HI Japanese exclusive

The video game that most of us grew up with, Super Mario Bros. celebrated its 25th Anniversary two years ago. Converse teamed up with Nintendo and created two Super Mario Bros. Chuck Taylor All Star Hi sneakers ( a black pair and a white pair). Seller sneaker_pharmacy has a pair of the white ones for sale in a size 8.5, dead stock in the original box. They definitely paid attention to detail on these , these feature an all over Mario print and Super Mario Bros. logo on the tongue, the classic Converse star has been replaced with a power star from the Mario series , even the box has the bricks from background of the original game. You might need to collect a lot of coins to afford the BIN price , it’s a bit high.

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Vintage 80s Converse LA LAKERS

invtgwetrust is back again with another great pair of vintage kicks. This time we’ve got the Converse Weapon LA LAKERS model. These are basically the Zack Morris model. I’m going on the record right now, I hate the Lakers. Bulls 2012.

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EVH Van Halen red and white striped shoes low cut

madders5150 is selling a pair of Eddie Van Halen shoes. These look like a fake pair of Converse Allstars, I have to say these shoes suck. Van Halen would have been better off not pulling a cease and desist with Nike for the Van Halen dunks. But oh well what does Van Halen know about fashion.

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At first glance at these Converse Hooker sneakers one might wonder how do you lace these things up? But the clever folks over at Converse thought of that for you. The front is merely for show. There is in fact a zipper up the back of the shoe. catsforhands is selling a pre-owned pair. I guess they got tired of walking the streets on Minneapolis turning tricks in these. Not sexy if you ask me.

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Converse has really stepped up it’s game since Nike acquired them. They have been really churning out some different kicks. 13crispytreats is selling the Metallica Ride The Lighting kicks. These are pretty Metal. I probably would not wear them but I’m sure someone out there will buy them. Metallica is doing the big 4 show this summer with Slayer, Megadeth and Anthrax. I wish I could go.

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