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Jordan IV Military Blue

Continuing its string of fire retros, Nike will bring back the timeless military blue colorway of the Jordan IV for this summer. In case your 2006 pair is too dogged out, you can cop these from user bebe98023. The Jordan IV is my favorite Jordan, and although these aren’t my favorite colors, I’ll still probably cop.

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Nike Presto Chapuka

User jackpotvintage has these wild Nike Presto Chupakas. When the Presto style mesh upper dropped, Nike obviously made countless variations on it. These shoes are a pretty wild example of that experimentation. They aren’t in the best condition, but you might be able to scoop them for cheap because of that.

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Electrolime Slime

In the wake of the Galaxy hype, there remains the undeniable fact that Nike Foamposites are probably at an all-time high in terms of popularity. The next Foam release is scheduled for this March, and features this wild “Electrolime” colorway of the classic design. So, if you can’t wait to cop these, user onestopcellbuy has a pair up already, with a pretty steep price tag. I would definitely request some better pictures if I was serious about buying these, but then again, you could just camp out- I’m sure it will be a cinch compared to the Galaxies.

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What’s up everyone? For my first post on Sneaker Noize, I am bringing you a pair of the Lebron 9’s from the now infamous Galaxy Pack for All-Star Weekend 2012. Me and my crew waited outside the mall for this release, but thanks to the pigs we walked away Foam-less. With a little street justice, I managed to score a pair of these wild Lebrons. I will be keeping mine, but in case you missed on the release, user michael_moz is offering a size 10 for a reasonable Buy it Now.

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Nike Air Zoom Lebron 9 Galaxy Allstar Limited Edition

Most of the people selling these Lebron Galaxies are all using the same photo cause they don’t actually have the sneaker yet they are still waiting till midnight to get their hands on them. Seller exclusives10 actually has these size 10s as you can tell by the photo he took. I have no idea how much these are end up going for but I am very curious to see .

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Foaming at the mouth for these Galaxies

These Nike Foamposite Galaxy don’t come out til Friday , seller manny71810 must have a hell of a hook up to have gotten his hands this pair of size 10s early. These extremely rare sneakers features a galaxy print across the entire upper, and if that wasn’t enough to grab your attention, then maybe the glow in the dark outsole will. I’m gonna try to cop some the old fashioned way ,wish me luck.

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