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Nike Air Jordan 1 Blue/Black

Seller collectors_rehab has got a special shoe that I would consider going a bit under the radar. a Nike Air Jordan 1 BLue Black OG.  The Air Jordan 1 was a gamechanger, that’s a fact. This is not as popular as the banned red Jordan 1’s. Those were banned by the league because it “violated their codes for sneaker colors”, and the same attitude was felt towards these. Check out the auction, it ends in a little more than an hour. If I was a size 9, I’d be hopping on these.

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JORDAN 1 “Do the Right Thing” size 11

Seller wowfactor101 who is showing a -1 feedback has a pair of Jordan 1 “Do the Right Thing” pack. Buy It Now for 225.00. There’s a starting bid for 130.00, and no bids. So Do The Right Thing and bid on these kicks.

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Jordan I Retro White/Green/Black Size 11

Seller jordanshoes111 (who has no feedback) is selling a pair of Celtics colorway Jordan 1’s. These have a BIN of 150, but the bidding is low enough right now that it might just stay underneath the BIN. Check out the auction and if you are serious about bidding/buying I would suggest contacting the auctioneer before hand. PEEEP ITT!

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Jordan 1’s and a Kobe Bryant Jersey

I don’t think you’ll be able to catch Kobe with these Laker colorway Jordan 1’s on the court nowadays, but it would be a pretty ill move if he did for practice or something. Seller tsallamichel has got the pair of 1’s in a Laker colorway with a L No. 24 Lakers Jersey. The Jordan’s in this pack are a size 8. You might be able to catch a deal because of the group ebay.  Seller tsallamichel should think of a better place to display these joints, the washer machine isn’t a good look.

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Seller sumptin4evryone has got a little serving up for you. He’s got an EXXXxxXXXxxtreme Close-up of some Jordan 1’s in the Celtic Colorway.  Be sure to note that seller sumptin4evryone has zero feedback and is new to the ebay game, so I’d just recommend a quick little message to see what’s up with the status of his new membership.   These are size 10.5 and look real fresh, I wouldn’t mind to grab these in this colorway.  2 days left for bidding and it’s currently at 70 bucks, but I feel like that won’t be the case for that long considering the 20 some bids and the last few days of this auction.

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jamr82 from Philadelphia, has got a fresh looking pack of some Jordans up for grabs. This pack comes with the Bulls colorway and the Celtics colorway of the Jordan 1’s.  These kicks are to commemorate the player Michael Jordan’s achievement on April 20th, 1986. During Game 2 of the NBA First Round Playoff between Chicago Bulls and Celtics. Despite the best effort from Larry Bird and the Celtics, all their attempts were futile as Jordan set himself into the record book, with 63 points, for the most points scored during a post-season game.  These are ending in 12 hours so make sure you try to grab them.

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Air Jordan 1 New Love size 13

shoeheadkyle23 has a pair of Jordan 1’s up for grab.  These are from 2007 and originally came with a White/Black-Varsity Red aka Black Toes but this auction is for the Black/Varsity-Maize/White colorway.  Be wary of the 1 ebay score for the seller shoeheadkyle23. Message the ebay seller and ask him why he has such a low score.  The soles on these look a little worn but could still be a good pick up if you missed out on the New Love pack.

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