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Nike Lebron James, Kevin Durant, Kobe Bryant Christmas Pack Size 12

Merry Christmas. I almost had the entire pack laid out before you in previous posts, but now you can just get all the kicks in one clean swoop.  Seller tunwno has got quite the Christmas Pack for you. Nike Lebron 9 Christmas, Nike Zoom KD IV Christmas, and Nike Zoom VII Kobe Christmas. These were a Limited Christmas Releases. All size 12, and all never been worn. The price tag at the end of the auction is going to be quite hefty.

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2011 Nike Kobe VII System Supreme “Del Sol” in size 12

The last post I made was for a pair of Jordan 1’s in a laker colorway. Seller pbody238972 has a pair of sneakers you’ll most likely be seeing Kobe Bryant on the court with. Up for auction is a size 12 of the 2011 Nike Kobe VII System Supreme “Del Sol” sneakers. Catch it while it’s hot.

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Jordan 1’s and a Kobe Bryant Jersey

I don’t think you’ll be able to catch Kobe with these Laker colorway Jordan 1’s on the court nowadays, but it would be a pretty ill move if he did for practice or something. Seller tsallamichel has got the pair of 1’s in a Laker colorway with a L No. 24 Lakers Jersey. The Jordan’s in this pack are a size 8. You might be able to catch a deal because of the group ebay.  Seller tsallamichel should think of a better place to display these joints, the washer machine isn’t a good look.

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Nike Zoom Kobe VI Grinch with Kobe Grinch XL shirt

bkimhi is selling a pair of the rare Kobe Bryant Grinch shoes. These nasty green kicks came out on Christmas of 2010. This year Kobe is getting some coal in his stocking because his ex wife is getting half of his presents.

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If you can’t afford the Nike Mag’s then timeshadow has the solution. Well not a solution but an alternative. These Nike Hyper Dunks are the shit and hard to find too. So if you still want to be able to time travel in style pick these up.

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What can I say about these shoes that you cannot infer for yourself. These O.G.Jordan’s are in great shape for a 26 year old shoe. I know women younger than this shoe that more wrinkles and creases. These are the shoes that Nike Dunks are modeled after. thecoolshoeshine is letting these go for a reasonable price.

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Hot Brazilian Women loves the Nike Zoom Hyperfuse Brazil Kobe VI

The Nike Zoom Hyperfuse is an awesome basketball shoe. These were released as part of the World Basketball Festival. Brazil has one of the best international basketball teams around. bonifacio888 is selling these awesome team Brazil shoes. Pick them up and represent your team or country. Or just represent land from where the greatest TITS AND ASS come from.


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Purple yellow, purple yellow, purple yellow throw it up. bocablingcouture is selling a custom L.A.Lakers jersey dress. The dress features Swarovski Crystal’s and Chain Accents. Just in time to get your girl ready for the black mamba. By the way Lakers suck, Chicago Bulls 2011. Too bad they didn’t show this chicks face, but then again do we really care.

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Up for sale is a rare Nike Kobe Bryant shirt that kaiyee0422 is selling. This shirt was a limited release and is hard to find. This was part of the muppet campaign.

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100th POST!!!-DS 2001 Adidas The Kobe Two

So we finally made it to the 100th post here on Sneakernoize. What better way to celebrate than to post one of the ugliest shoes of all time. These things are fucking hideous. I cannot believe this what Adidas and Kobe came up with. No wonder he left and went to Nike. Kobe you better thank Nike everyday for saving your shoe career. I remember seeing these space ships in Marshall’s. What the fuck I can’t stop talking about this, someone should have been fired for releasing these things. And don’t comment and try to justify these shoes to me by saying that they make you jump higher or they have a super comfortable insole. These suck and that’s the end. cigar0330 you cannot be serious with the price you are asking. You must be the guy who created the shoe.

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