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Limited Edition Alkaline Trio Nike 6.0 Air Zoom Cush

crazy342 is selling a rare pair of Alkaline Trio sneakers by Nike 6.0. These limited edition shoes were released back in June of 2008. The shoe features a synthetic upper and Chicago Bulls coloring. There is also a bike tread design that decorates the panels.Alkaline Trio met as bike messengers and they are from Chicago hence the shoes features. These shoes are long gone and hard to find. Alkaline Trio x Nike 6.0 “Heart and Soul” Air Zoom Cush.


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Nike SB 6.0 Toy figure RARE collectibles

You know I finally understand what it means to look at someone like they have two heads. I look at these rare two headed monsters and wonder what the fuck do that have to do with Nike 6.0? But then I realize that they are Nike and they can do whatever they want. disfool99 is selling this limited edition set of 6 figures released back when the 6.0 line dropped. Pretty cool if you ask me.

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kudu_73 is selling a pretty dope Nike 6.0 shirt. The Roswell rayguns high top fade is a great shirt and the seller has it at a great price.

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NIKE SB Zoom TRE A.D. Blue Orange Shoes

This is one of my favorite skate shoes to wear. Nike first introduced these shoes back in 2006. These are so comfortable to waer even if you don’t skate. The are made with Nike free technology making it a lightweight breathable shoe. The shoe also features a rubber outer shell which helps with board grip better than suede or leather. treasurehoard has this in New York Knicks colors or New York Mets colors. Which ever you prefer, I don’t care either way they both suck.

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NIKE Encore High Limited Edition Promo Package

Nike has collaborated with many different artists over the years creating some really cool shoes. This time they have teamed with Canadian Heavy Metal Heads 3 Inchs Of Blood to create the Nike Blood Encore Zoom 6.0. This particular pair came in a limited edition collectors box with a bottle of blood and laser engraved metal goblet. This shit is super Heavy Metal, red wine and metal goblet perfect for a viking funeral.


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