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O.G. NIKE PRESTO Lightning Orange

These are the best Nike Presto’s ever made in my opinion , I love the Lightning patten and the color on these.michaelmichael2006 has these for sale in a size Medium( Mens 9-11) . These are used but still in great condition with a lot of life left . Don’t expect these to go cheap .

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Vintage Nike Presto RARE

Seller vintagesneakers4u lives up to his eBAY name with these size Small ( Mens 8 and 9) vintage Nike Presto. This is one of the best colorways in my humble opinion and these looks to be in nice shape. A little over a day left to go and no bids yet, the starting price is pretty reasonable.

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Nike Air Flow will be hitting the stores this summer in vintage colors. The original Air Flow was released in 1989 and was an instant hit. beautifulwinner is selling a pair of these hard to find kicks. These shoes were responsible for a few future pairs of shoes. The Huarache, Presto and Free are all Nike shoes that were inspired by the Air Flow. The shoe is made to be very comfortable being made mostly from neoprene

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Seller goldfrogs has a medium(10 -11) size pair of Nike Presto’s in one of the best colorways they ever made .Sneaks look to be in very good condition . Alot of time left but no bids yet so you might be able to really come up on these . I have had a few pair of prestos over the years and they are one of the most comfy sneakers ever , perfect sneaker for the summertime to rock with a pair of shorts .

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