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RARE 1985 Original Nike Air Jordan1 ‘Banned’

So seller jazonfrilli0624 who is from NJ, is selling a pair of “Banned” Nike Air Jordan 1’s. These shoes are some of the illest around. I have to say the condition of the shoes are pretty good. My only concern is the Etnies insoles. I guess the seller does not have the original insole. Overall this looks like a legit sale . So have at it.

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lightiscomin is selling a rare pair of Nike Air Jordan Ones. These are in an extremely rare size, size 13 big guys. I would love to buy these but cash is tight.

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Ending Soon Vintage 1985 Nike Air Jordan Original Baby Shoes

stuffnthings417 is selling a rare pair of vintage Nike Air Jordan One’s for ya baby. Imagine getting your little man this rare pair of Nike Kicks. The kid would have more game than you. I mean he already got your girls titty in his mouth. Now he will be the envy of the playground. You better just stay home and beat yourself for New Years. You know ya wife ain’t goin to do it for ya. Little man got that ill ass O.G. Jordan’s. Pops ain’t got shit.

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RARE Vintage Original NIKE Air Jordan AJKO1985

Check out wburgminers description. “I have a pair of vintage, original canvas 1985 NIKE Air Jordan AJKO Generation 1 high-top shoes, size 10 – Made in Korea. The rubber soles are still pliable. The AJKO logo is fully visible & there are no cracks in the tops, & no tears in the canvas. I do not have the original box, sorry. There are some dust marks on the backs of the shoes from being moved around. The foam around the high-top is starting to crumble, but these are all original & in great condition for their age.

Back in the day, my dad wanted some shoes to use when we went boating. My mom picked these up. He thought the colors were too flashy, so he never wore them. I’ve had them packed away since 1985.”

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1985 Original Nike Air Jordan I O.G.

The shoes that started it all are up for sale by solesupremacysales. I would love to get a hold of these but they are to small. The back of the shoes are starting to crack and fall apart, but overall they are in good shape.

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What can I say about these shoes that you cannot infer for yourself. These O.G.Jordan’s are in great shape for a 26 year old shoe. I know women younger than this shoe that more wrinkles and creases. These are the shoes that Nike Dunks are modeled after. thecoolshoeshine is letting these go for a reasonable price.

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