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Only YOU can prevent forrest fires!

Right here we have a BANGIN’ pair of Forrest Green Air Max 1s from 03 from seller shaelroksitallday!!. These size 9.5s are an awesome addition to any collection for a relatively low price at the moment. This seller has a few other gems in his sale list so peep that too! Less than a day left on these sneakers and they are in great condition with og box and arch supports. These are my size so grab them before I do!

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Nike Air More Uptempo Sz. 9.5

This shoe that usaelite23-45 has up for auction has been talked about at my lunch table for the past week now. Me and 2 other kids are the only ones that like this shoe, but we are also the only ones that don’t own a pair of fake Jordan’s! I love this shoe and have yet to find a nice pair in my size, I cant say that I dislike any of the colorways and that is a rare thing to say about a shoe nowadays!

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Nike Air Max Light Sz. 9.5

Here we have an extremely low priced pair of kicks from seller kristioxo who is actually also so from PA. Let my fellow statesmen make a little dough off of these, times are hard…. gotta show some Holiday love!

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Nike Air Baltoro “Fresh Prince” Sz. 9.5

Who’s ready for all the sloppy wet weather that is closing in on us in the couple months to come? Well if your not ready here is your chance to keep your feet all warm and dry! EBay seller that goes by the name of officialbang has the original Nike Air Baltoro “Fresh Price of Bel Air” colorway for us! These look to be in perfect condition but officialbang never specifies whether they have been worn or not, so you should probably hit him up just to clarify! I feel like these aren’t going to get to much action but who knows, there is 6 days left and the price is super low so maybe you can scoop these up for a really nice cheap price!

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Asics Gel Lyte III Sz. 9.5

Here we have a pair of Asics Gel Lyte III’s from seller ucfholly I own a pair of Gel Lyte III’s and they are a very comfortable shoe, especially because of the split tongue! I can’t say that I have seen this color before but I like it a lot and wish I had this colorway and not the one I have! These are brand new in the box and the BIN isn’t bad at all, but I’m sure the seller will take less, so just shoot him and offer and see whats up!

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Seller slai50 has up for auction a very special shoe to me! This was the first pair of Nike Air Max’s I got as a present from my dad on my 13th birthday at a local sneaker boutique and these sneakers are what really sparked my interest in shoes! I really wish I still owned this shoe because this is the illest Nike Air Max 1 color way out, also if I’m not mistaking these either came out in Japan or were designed by a designer over their or something along those lines! I believe my Dad scooped these up for 120 bucks, but everything at the dudes store was priced sooo much higher than what you could get it for on the internet! The BIN is in my opinion is pretty good, but that maybe because I got mine for a little under double that price!

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