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These Tailwinds are one of the better retros Nike put out in the past few years. I remember having the O.G. Tailwinds with the Kenya flag on the back when I was a kid. These running shoes are size 11 and seller holden_m says they are unworn and brand new in the box. The lid of the box was ripped off but the box itself will be shipped. The BIN now on these is very reasonable but I think it’s better to just wait to the last minute and try to win them for CHEAP!

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Retro: One Of The Reasons I’m Thankful

Here in America, it’s Thanksgiving. A tradition at my house was to always remember why you were thankful. And what made you thankful. Granted, in the overall scheme of things, sneakers fall on my list lower than my family, health and life, but they are a reason to give thanks. So lets get into it.

First up, I’m thankful for retros. I was getting pretty sick and tired of bullshit 16 colored neon moon boots. Ugh, do not want. So when Nike began pumping out the shoes of my youth, I was thankful. Thanks Nike. The Nike Pegasus 89 is one of my favorite recent retros. These things weigh nothing and look sharp as hell. The swooshes are fat and the colors are chill. You can’t go wrong. Shouts to Naidoo for hooking me up with the purple ones below.

The Nike Air Tailwind. The 92 retro, mind you. This shoe has a great classic look. The colors are clean and the mesh keeps your feet cool. Another excellent look. Granted, I wish the heel was a little less clunky. Sometimes my foot sort of swims back there due to the weight. Make sure to check that other auction from basementexit too.

I’m thinking about pouncing on these. I love a good speckled sole.

The Nike Air Max Light. Oh man. When I saw JD Sports was releasing these a few years back, I knew I HAD to get some. Such a great sneaker. Similar to the Pegasus above style wise, but these sneakers have a little more “sport” to them. And colourways to drool over. I have a few of the OG style JD Sports ones, but I’m thinking about dipping into these super 80s-esque retro colourways too. That white / newgreen one is dope.

There you have it. I’m thankful for retro. Have a great holiday and stay safe!
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