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Ralph Lauren Polo Bear’s are back.

dsprau is selling couple of really cool Ralph Lauren Polo Bear shirts. My favorite campaign that Polo has done. These two athletic bears are into some tough sports. Hockey and Tennis, two sports I can say I never played. These shirts are in great shape. I especially like the long sleeve one.

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Ralph Lauren Polo Bear Shirts

Today is Cinco De Mayo. I thought I would throw some party bears up for us to enjoy. These are great shirts. I especially like the bear on vacation. Great summer look. I want to see some bear hoodies and crew necks. Maybe even a hat.

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I couldn’t resist I had to post these. I’m always posting shoes but what about the shirts that go with the shoes. Polo Bear shirts are my absolute favorite. sonsvintage has two vintage Polo Bear shirts from the early 90’s. These are always going for a pretty penny on Ebay. But these two are reasonably priced. I would pick them up but they are to small.

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